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You have written the perfect blog. The content is so relevant that you’re certain the words themselves came from the mind of your target audience. It is so enticing that your business’ competitors will definitely attempt to copy it.

Your blog may be valuable for customers looking for an effective solution (like yours) to solve their problem, but without an effective headline, your blog will remain a hidden gem.

You Don’t Have to be a Writer to Write Effective

Blog Headlines

In school, we are taught that writing involves grammatically correct sentences that are enhanced by a broad vocabulary. In the modern world, though, blogs aren’t written by “writers”, per se. A strong blog includes a wide range of authors, such as members of the engineering and product teams, C-level executives, and external resources, including partners and customers.

So, when approaching how to write effective blog headlines, throw traditional writing methods out the window.

Our 5 Tips to Writing Killer Blog Headlines

An effective headline should arouse curiosity and get your target audience to actually read your blog (or at least most of it – but that’s another story). Follow these five tips and the chances that your audience will click on your blog, and read it, will significantly increase.

  • Keep it short. Your headline should get to the point. The most viewed blogs have headlines that are between 5 and 9 words.
  • Be direct. Dive into the details inside the blog itself. Keep the headline clear and concise so your readers know what they’re getting themselves into.
  • Include negative words. Oddly enough, people like negative headlines. Insert a negative term such as “stop,” “without”, or “no” and watch your blog views increase.
  • Include numbers. Readers like to be able to mentally organize how much they are capable of reading and extract important information without necessarily reading the whole blog.
  • Include colorful adjectives. Because who wants to read a boring blog? Your blog headline is a precursor to the blog and if it includes enticing descriptors, then readers know that the blog will be even more gripping.

Free Tools for You to Create Amazing Blog Headlines

If you’re still feeling stuck, we recommend taking advantage of these free headline analyzers. They measure the readability and effectiveness of your blog headlines.

Good luck!

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