Verativ Consulting

After more than 20 years of working in journalism, technology, and product management within big companies, Michael Bender was ready to start something on his own. Specifically, he wanted to create a consulting business that helped organizations see new possibilities in how they create, use, and sell their content.

Project Overview

Adapting the methodology for a budding consulting business meant a couple of changes. Instead of doing qualitative and quantitative research, Spencer Brenneman created a thorough questionnaire for Bender to answer. The focus of the exercise was to understand the types of clients Bender would serve, what assumptions they may make about working consultants, and most importantly, what emotional needs they would bring to the work.

Project Specifications

  • Timeline: 2019
  • Client focus: Consulting
  • Main goal: Create a new brand

"I was skeptical of the whole branding process when we got started. Now I’m a believer. Though your strategy might change constantly, having brand documents helps you stay aligned with your values."

Mike BenderFounder
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