Thomson Reuters

Throughout a variety of incarnations, Thomson Reuters has been a global provider of information and technology in a variety of business-to-business sectors.

Project Overview

Spencer Brenneman’s Douglas Spencer and Kim Vanni both worked at Thomson Reuters (and its previous incarnation of Thomson Financial) for many years. The company was also a client of Spencer Brenneman from 2015-2016. Here we showcase a fraction of the work we completed for this global information provider.

Project Specifications

  • Timeline: 2008-2016
  • Client focus: Information
  • Main goal: Variety

“A lot of people in this company are and were inspired by Douglas’ passion for doing the right thing by the brand. I think he really got, long before many of us did, that the brand lives through its people and that it is far from enough to have a manifesto and a nice logo.”

Adam Schair(Former) VP, Marketing, Thomson Reuters
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