New York State Children's Alliance

New York State Children's Alliance

The New York State Children’s Alliance delivers the expertise and resources needed to care for abused children. We do that by fostering relationships and collaboration, inspiring the community to take bold actions, and equipping teams with the latest, culturally-competent, and equitable approaches to serving victims of child abuse.

Project Overview

Like many nonprofits, the New York State Children’s Alliance could talk about what they do easily—as long as their audience was a member of the child advocacy community. Explaining their work to the general public was a bit harder. Plus, because the phrase “New York State” is in their name, it is often assumed they are a state agency. They are not. We helped them on both counts!

Project Specifications

  • Timeline: 2022
  • Client focus: Child Advocacy
  • Main goal: Message clarity

"Spencer Brenneman led our organization through a messaging project that not only gave us better language to talk about the work we do but gave our team a more meaningful understanding of the impact we were making."

Linda ClearyExecutive Director
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