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Standout from the rest and connect with your audience.

Understand how your message stacks up against like organizations


How is the organization described? What does it say they do? What kind of an organization do they say they are?


For whom is the main message intended? What is being said that appeals to the audience?

Calls to Action.

What action are readers asked to take? Has an adequate case been made? How easy is it for them to take action?

Tone of Voice.

What mood does the text set? Happy? Serious? Optimistic? Is that in line with what the organization does?

Overall Clarity.

On a simple 1-5 scale, how clear is the message? 5 = crystal clear and 1 = no idea whatsoever!

Simply answer the following questions and we’ll have your audit back to you within 2-3 weeks. Once it’s complete, we’ll share the results with you in a free, one-hour consultation. We can also apply your $1,500 investment to any subsequent work you do with us in the next 12 months. 

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