Brand Governance

Who does what, when, where, 
how, and why!

The only way to ensure mission-critical consistency is to develop and adhere to a well thought-out, well-articulated brand governance system. One that produces your brand, yet enables your team to make decisions swiftly and securely. Our brand governance services do just that. 


Not all the decisions we make about our brands are created equal. A brand governance program ensures that the:

  • Decision-making process is more efficient and more impactful
  • The business strategy and brand strategy are always aligned
  • People making the important decisions are the ones with the most comprehensive understanding of the brand
  • Cultural requirements of different regions are respected and met.


Strike the phrase “brand police” from your vocabulary, please. Brand governance programs are not about finding those gotcha moments of someone doing something wrong. Rather, they find opportunities to build your brand, and in turn, your business.