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Brand Governance

What does brand governance do? Think of brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, McDonald’s, Nike, etc.—notice anything similar? No matter where you find these brands, from television commercials in the United States to billboards in Germany, their messages are always consistent.

Brand governance is the fuel driving all the consistency you see from the best brands in the world. But, these programs aren’t limited to major brands. Businesses of all sizes need a way to ensure that their brand consistently represents their business at every customer touchpoint.

Who does what when?

Not all the decisions we make about our brands are created equal. Some simply have a more long-lasting impact on the business than others. A brand governance program ensures that the people making the important decisions are the ones with the most comprehensive understanding of it. It’s that simple. Working in conjunction with a brand education program, brand governance programs make decision-making more efficient and more impactful.

Not the Brand Police

Strike the phrase “brand police” from your vocabulary, please. Brand governance programs are not about finding those gotcha moments of someone doing something wrong. Rather, brand governance programs find opportunities to build your brand, and in turn, your business.  

If you think your company is spending too much or too little time on branding decisions, let us know. We can set up a governance program that drives consistency and efficiency for your brand.

We love talking about the power of branding. We’d love to talk to you about your brand even more. No pressure, we promise.