Visual & Verbal Identities

Every brand needs a face, 
and a voice.

Our brand identity services create the perfect verbal and visual identities to highlight your uniqueness. Here’s how we can help polish and perfect your brand identity. 


Like people, brands have faces in the form of their logos, color palettes, and fonts. Informed by your brand strategy and what makes you unique, we can:

  • Create or update your entire visual toolkit, or parts therein
  • Spell out visual identity guidelines so your brand’s face and its integrity are always protected
  • Design all your marketing materials, from your website and social media graphics, stationery and business cards—you name it.


Your brand should have a distinct voice, too. We can:

  • Make a clear connection between the words you use and write, and the way you build your brand
  • Help you develop a consistent voice a every customer touch point
  • Deliver writing guides to make everyone an expert and conduct workshops for those on your team who write and speak the most.


Ever seen a foreign language film that’s poorly dubbed? The dialogue continues long after the actors’ lips have stopped moving. That’s what happens when brands’ faces and voices are not aligned.

  • Because your brand strategy informs both your verbal and visual identities, your face and voice are in tune with one another.
  • You will have a significant competitive advantage since most brands overlook this powerful detail.