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Visual Identity and Verbal Identity

Verbal and visual identities highlight a brand’s uniqueness. Just like people, brands have a unique face, voice, personality, and style. By channeling your business’ brand this way, we help spark emotional connections with customers, letting them know how unique you are, and why you are best able to work with them.

Verbal Identity

Your voice is like an accent, it’s how your brand speaks to people. Your tone, however, changes to match the audience you’re trying to engage. Imagine speaking to two different people: your grandmother, and your friend. Do you talk to both of them the same? Probably not. But are you the same person? Yes. We make sure your business is able to speak to a variety of audiences while still remaining true to who you are as a brand.


Whether you’re unveiling a new company, or simply a new product, we understand that change can be both an exciting and stressful time. Fortunately, we make it easy to keep the excitement, passion, and commitment, without missing the opportunity to further expand and establish your brand. We have a proven process for determining the name the connects with your clients in meaningful ways.

Visual/Verbal Sync

Like a foreign language film that’s poorly dubbed, a visual identity that does not sync with a verbal identity is laughable if not frustrating. Spencer Brenneman will work with you to not only identify the best ways to showcase your brand’s face and voice, but to also ensure that they work together as seamlessly as possible.

We love talking about the power of branding. We’d love to talk to you about your brand even more. No pressure, we promise.