Thankful All Year Round

In the United States, it’s almost Thanksgiving — although one might think it was Christmas, given all the decorations, jingle-belling, and promotions. But that, my friends, is another topic for another time.

Three years ago, I started Spencer Brenneman, LLC to do what I did at Thomson Reuters for small- to mid-sized firms. To this day, I remain incredibly grateful for my time at Thomson Reuters, so in that spirit and of the holiday ahead, I thought I would share the top five things for which we at Spencer Brenneman, LLC are thankful.

  • Our clients! We are very thankful for our clients who have trusted us to help them bring to life their brands in ways that make them relevant and competitively differentiated.
  • The acceptance of brand! We now live in a world in which discussions about connecting with customers on an emotional level are taken seriously and not scoffed at as touchy-feely nonsense.
  • All of you reading this post! The social media communities in which we work and play have brought us new ideas, a better understanding of our world and the people in it, and the energy to continually do better.
  • Word of mouth. Almost all of our new business has come from word of mouth: former colleagues, clients, and friends. Please, keep talking!
  • Our team. Personally, I am incredibly grateful to and for the growing team of professionals working with us at Spencer Brenneman, LLC. They are top-notch, focused, and, simply stated, just really good human beings.

We hope you get a second to step back and think about what makes you thankful, on Thanksgiving Day, and every day, all year round.

*Watch for more on Start with Brand™ in 2018!

– Douglas Spencer

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