Still Thankful

It’s been five years since I acted on the audacious idea that lead us here: convene a group of professionals to help smaller organizations get the brand strategies that large institutions pay millions for. Five years! We made it this far, and I am thankful. 

To be more specific, I am thankful for:

  • Our clients! We are very thankful for our clients who have trusted us to help them bring to life their brands in ways that make them relevant and competitively differentiated. 
  • You reading this post! The social media communities in which we work and play have brought us new ideas, a better understanding of our world, and the people in it as well as the drive to continually do better. 
  • Word of mouth. Almost all of our new business has come from word of mouth: former colleagues, clients, and friends. Please, keep talking and thank you! 
  • Technology. From Asana to the Adobe Creative Suite, G Suite to SetApp, even our accounting software XERO, technology makes it possible to do more with less.
  • Extended team. We are a proud member of the CIC community and we’re incredibly thankful for the support they provide us every day. Abner’s dogwalker, Happy Dogs Boston, should also get a woof of thanks. 
  • Our team. Personally, I am incredibly grateful to and for the growing team of professionals working with us at Spencer Brenneman. They are top-notch, focused, and, simply stated, just really good human beings. 

We hope you get a second to step back and think about what makes you thankful, on Thanksgiving Day, and every day, all year round.

Spencer Brenneman, LLC
© 2020

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