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BRANDING BULLETIN September 2019: The Change Issue

When is the Right Time to Make Brand Changes?

Commitment is a critical ingredient for all successful brands, which means that they do not make brand changes indiscriminately. But, creating a brand is not a one and done activity. Even the best of the best need to make brand changes from time to time. Here are five situations that suggest it’s time for you to act:

  1. Customers are persistently unhappy. If your customers see you as more of a necessary evil than a trusted business partner, it’s time to make some brand changes. Your brand should guide both what and how you provide what your clients need. If that’s broken, look to your brand strategy for guidance.
  2. The sales team is going rogue. If your sales team is not sticking to the script because they are not sure it will work, if they are throwing anything up on the wall to see what sticks, it’s time to make some brand changes. Leaving your brand positioning to chance is risky. Your brand strategy should articulate what makes you relevant and competitively differentiated from all the other choices customers have. That, in turn, serves as the foundation for all sales discussions.
  3. Keeping and attracting talent has become a challenge. People work for more than a paycheck, they work to be part of something they can believe and take pride in. If going away parties constitute the bulk of your social calendar, it’s time to make brand changes. Your brand promise—the why you do what you do—is the magnet that keeps and attracts the best and brightest talent.
  4. Course corrections are constant. If it feels as if you are shifting from one “best idea ever” to another, a brand change is in order. Changing one’s mind is not the same as innovation after all. By focusing on what you do best, and why, you have a litmus test for each new idea that saves time and money.
  5. Describing what you do takes forever. If your elevator pitch requires a skyscraper, it’s time to make brand changes. The brand strategy does nothing if not articulate who you are and why what you do matters.


For more guidance on when and how to make brand strategy changes, check out our white paper, “How to talk to your colleagues about your brand’s identity crisis.”

If you face some or more of these challenges, it’s time to consider updating your brand strategy. The updates might require a simple tweak, or they may require something more substantial. The sooner you address them, the better.

By the Numbers


Percent of emails are opened on mobile devices. Is your brand optimized for mobile? If not, it’s time for a change.


Percent of desktop users click on the first result they see. Make sure you are relevant and competitively differentiated.


The best blog posts have 6-13 words titles and attract the most clicks. Are yours in this range? If not, it’s time for a change.

Sources: Blue Corona, Campaign Monitor, isitwp.

Ever Dream of Becoming a Consultant?

There has never been a better time to go out on your own, work for yourself, and do what you do best on your own terms. Whether you are consulting, freelancing, or embracing the entrepreneur within, you still need a brand. That’s why we are pleased to announce the launch of “Blueprint to Building Your Consulting Brand,” a self-paced online course available on the Spencer Brenneman School of Branding website.

With a strong brand, your customers will:

  • Pay more for what you do
  • Go out of their way to work with you and work with you more often
  • Promote you to others
  • Overlook the occasional missteps you may make along the way.

Plus, having a brand strategy will help you:

  • Capture more of the right kind of attention
  • Articulate a compelling value proposition
  • Find focus
  • Save time and drive consistency

“We decided to look into this subject after a number of people I know came to me for advice about starting their consulting business,” says Douglas Spencer, President & Chief Brand Strategist. “We normally work with larger businesses but knew that there were nuances to the needs of solopreneurs. That’s why we created this course, just for them.”

Creating your own brand can seem overwhelming, but we can help. Our self-paced online course will guide you through the process step by step. When you’re done you will have a:

  • Clear articulation of what you do and how you do it differently than anyone else
  • Business name, URL, and an understanding of how to create an LLC
  • Game plan for creating a logo, marketing copy, and website
  • Path forward for LinkedIn, social media, and content marketing!

Take a look at our course outline to see if it’s right for you!

After more than 20 years working in journalism, technology, and product management within big companies, Michael Bender was ready to start something on his own. Specifically, he wanted to create a consulting business that helped organizations see new possibilities in how they create, use, and sell their content.

In Case You Missed Them!

Referral Bonus Program

Since our beginning in late 2014, referrals from friends and colleagues have introduced us to the bulk of our clients. We couldn’t be more grateful. Well, actually, we could. So that is why we are introducing our Referral Bonus Program, our way of giving even more thanks to those who refer us to new clients.

Here’s how it works: Starting September 5, 2019, for any project over $25,000 that resulted from a referral you provide, you will receive a $2,500 cash bonus or a gift of the same amount to the non-profit of your choice. Some restrictions apply, of course.

Interested in learning more? Contact us, here.

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