Relevant EquityWorks

One of our long-term clients, Relevant often returns to Spencer Brenneman for help telling their product’s unique story in a consistent and authentic tone-of-voice.

Project Overview

With the latest release of its private equity software platform, Relevant EquityWorks reinvents how firms can raise more money faster and easier with their existing bandwidth. We supported their launch by writing new copy for their website, explainer video narration, and client emails.

Listening to demos and sitting in on sales meetings helped us craft a message that was clear, compelling, and competitively differentiating.

Project Categories:

  • Copywriting
  • Marketing

Project specifications

  • Timeline: Fall 2020
  • Client focus: Technology
  • Main goal: Launch a new version of their product.

Client Feedback:

"Relevant uses sophisticated SEO and SEM to promote its products, which means we had to find the right balance to appeal to both their prospects and algorithms that bring them to Relevant.”

Anthony GreerCopywriter

Video Script Excerpts

Private equity—and the software that supports it—is complicated! Relevant needed a script that demonstrated the platform’s power in easy-to-understand ways. Working with their in-house UI team, we helped them create this script.

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Direct Marketing

New year, new beginnings! This statement was especially true for Relevant and the ninth release of its private equity software platform, Relevant EquityWorks. We used the new year as a perfect way to remind their community about the new version’s arrival

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