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Starbucks, Racial Bias, and Brand Humanity

Rapidly changing consumer demands for humanity is impacting how brands like Starbucks and Dick’s Sporting Goods are tackling racial bias.

To judge any brand’s action, one must go back to its brand strategy. Starbucks’ is  “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”  By this litmus test, having two men arrested for sitting around your store is not inspiring or nurturing. However, the idea of shutting down all your U.S. stores to talk about and make clear the company’s position on racial bias, both overt and subtle, is at least heading in the right direction. But there’s more at play here than their brand promise.

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Data-Driven Design Decisions

On May 1, Spencer Brenneman, LLC President, Douglas Spencer spoke at HOW Design Live, held locally this year in Boston. His talk was entitled, “From Gift Wrapper to Strategic Partner: How Creatives can elevate the world’s perception of their work.” As part of the presentation, Spencer Brenneman, LLC produced a white paper outlining specific ways to make design decisions backed by data.

“Making data-driven design decisions helps the creative process immeasurably (ironically),” Douglas says. “In order for Creatives to elevate the world’s perception of their work, both they and their clients who are making the final decisions have to embrace the role of data. Just as importantly, both have to work at improving their relationships with the other.”




A T-Mobile/Sprint Merger?

The #3 and #4 mobile carriers in the United States are once again hoping to merge. When you consider that they both have very distinctive and conspicuous visual identities, combining them is sure to challenge the lucky team that develops the new brand, should the acquisition go through this time. 

In the absence of a brand strategy, which will drive the best outcome, we at Spencer Brenneman, LLC decided to have a little fun. That’s why we’re announcing our #TMoSprint contest! It’s simple: 
  • Create a logo and/or name for the new T-Mobile/Sprint brand
  • tweetshare tweet= it to @SB_Branding with #TMoSprint
  • Deadline: May 14
  • We will award Amazon gift cards to the three most over the top designs! Join in the fun, or forward to your favorite designer! 


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As the world and your customers’ needs change, so too should your brand strategy, as long as you do it thoughtfully, judiciously, and in a way that will not confuse your customers or employees. Continual brand strategy evaluation can uncover the signs that tell you it’s time to tweak, update, or change your brand strategy altogether.

Would you like a free, brand strategy evaluation that includes a customized list of issues and ideas specific to your brand? Answer a few, fun questions, and our brand strategy experts will prepare one just for you. No charge and no pressure!

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