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Brand Education to the rescue

by Douglas Spencer, President

Recently I had the great opportunity to present a webinar to members of the In-House Agency Forum, a professional association for those companies which rely on internal agencies to meet their marketing needs. In-house agencies face some challenges that traditional, external agencies do not: not the least of which is balancing the client v. colleague dynamic.

I especially love speaking to this group because they are in a unique position to influence the growth and support of their brands. (I also love these kinds of webinars because attendees are all on mute, which means I get to assume that everyone is laughing riotously at all of my jokes.)

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Five ways to keep momentum going after Brand Education

It’s critical for everyone to understand your brand strategy and brand system, which is where brand education programs come in. But what happens after the training? How do you keep the enthusiasm alive and the learnings actionable? Here are five suggestions:

  1. Reward successes. Are there people in your organization who are embracing the brand strategy with all their might and seeing great success? Reward them! Prizes, profiles, gifts: whatever works in your corporate culture.
  2. Create brand champions. Some organizations call them brand ambassadors, some champions, but the result is the same; People within the organization whom you have deputized as brand experts. They will need a bit more training and tools to do their jobs, but having them in the field helps ensure access to answers. It reinforces the idea that the brand belongs to everyone, not just marketing.
  3. Show them the data. As your brand and business grow, provide regular updates on how consistent brand execution is paying off. Conversion and bounce rates, customer and employee opinion polls, website metrics, and social engagement are all useful data points to make a case for the brand.
  4. Share the spotlight. Even if you are responsible for the brand, share the credit for its success with everyone in the organization.
  5. Banish the brand police. Always put the focus on building the brand, not adhering to brand guidelines. Instead of saying that something is off-brand, talk about the opportunities to make it a more powerful brand building tool!

Need some help getting started? Let us know. We can help.  


GaggleAMP launches new site

Last month we shared our case study on how Spencer Brenneman, LLC helped social media amplification provider GaggleAMP update their seven-year-old brand. This week, they launched the new website we wrote and designed for them. This year is an exciting time for GaggleAMP. In anticipation of their recent move into a new, larger office, we updated their Brand Guidelines to include paint color equivalents for their primary pallet.


Register for HOW Design Live

In early May, Spencer Brenneman, LLC President Douglas Spencer will speak at HOW Design Live 2018 on how to use data to drive decisions about design. One of the largest annual gatherings of creative professionals in the world, HOW Design Live is a career-changing, life-altering experience that provides:
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  • Exclusive opportunity to preview new tools, technologies, and products

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