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Storytelling and your brand: Three points to consider

Storytelling is a much more powerful way to help people understand what you’re all about than simply explaining “This is what we do; here’s why you should buy.” Plus, as consumers expect more from the companies with whom they do business, storytelling is the key to getting through to them.

At Spencer Brenneman, LLC, we are helping a European company introduce its product to the U.S. market. Storytelling will play a central part in how we position the offering in a way that is relevant and competitively differentiated from the other choices consumers have.

So, what makes storytelling good in the marketing context?

  • First and foremost, stay true to whom you are as a brand.
  • Second, bring that to life consistently.
  • Third, keep it relevant for your audience.

Here are some questions to keep at the forefront when developing a story to tell:

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Changing your brand strategy for short-term gain

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-Lu_AR7hQU[/embedyt] It’s not fair to judge a change in a brand if you don’t understand the brand strategy and the data behind the change. However, Spencer Brenneman, LLC President, Douglas Spencer, has some judgments on the BMW decision to expand the Rolls Royce brand in the Brand Minute. __________ WHITE PAPER:

Data-Driven Design Decisions

Reminder: We recently published a white paper outlining specific ways to make design decisions backed by data.

For Creatives to elevate the world’s perception of their work, both they and their clients who are making the final decisions have to embrace the role of data. This white paper explains how.

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Here’s the Spencer Brenneman, LLC Data Policy

Did your inbox have to loosen its belt after the bottom-less servings of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) emails last month? We’re living on the edge, and sending out ours with the monthly newsletter just to spare you the trouble of yet another policy declaration. All joking aside, the topic of data is a big deal. The topic of personal data is an even bigger deal when it’s your personal data. Here’s everything you need to know about information Spencer Brenneman, LLC may have on you:
  • We use cookies to follow you around our website—primarily so we can understand better the types of information that resonates with visitors. And to make sure you don’t break s#!%. 
  • Your financial information is of no interest to us. You couldn’t pay us to keep it if you wanted to.
  • Other personal data we may keep include your name (“obvs,” as the kids say), company name, email address, telephone number, and social media profiles.
  • If we keep a physical mailing address for you, congratulations! That means you’re on our holiday gift list.
  • We never share your personal data with anyone else. Ever. 
  • You can always manage your email subscriptions through the link at the bottom of each email. No questions asked although you may blow your chance for that holiday gift. 
  • Of course, we will delete all the data we have on you upon request (although it will make us very sad). All you have to do is ask.
By continuing to receive our emails or frolic around our website, you have agreed to this policy and, more importantly, you have earned our sincere gratitude.

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