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Messaging When There's a Crisis

What is the role of corporate messaging in times of crisis? When it comes to politics, staying neutral has long ruled as best practice. However, as the world continues to view almost every important issue through a political lens, that neutrality falls into question. Can an organization continue to stay silent on pressing issues without sounding tone deaf?

The answer is no. Nor should it, for three simple reasons: staying silent is counterproductive, it is out of sync with consumer, employee, and stakeholder demands, and it is lazy if not morally wrong.

by Douglas Spencer

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Messaging When the New Normal Arrives

Depending upon where you live, the rules that keep you sheltering in place may be changing. Just as the scientific community urges us to not return immediately to our normal routines, your messaging should also take a slow, measured path to messaging as usual.

As much as we would love to pretend that the past few months never happened, they did and many of us are still feeling their impact. That means it’s important to maintain empathy in your messaging.

Here are some things we should keep in mind as we start sharing our messages with the masses:

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Messaging When You Need to Stand Out

Recently, I had the opportunity to host a webinar for the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce on creating new messaging strategies for the new normal. There’s no shortage of interest in the topic since I’m about to do the same for a private equity firm and their portfolio companies later this month.

Under the umbrella of making lemonade out of an asteroid-sized lemon, the pandemic may force us to stop and do something we should do on a regular basis anyway: Update our messaging strategies to ensure they work.

I like to break down the continuous process into five stages: you, them, the why, the what and the how, and the way it all comes to life.

By Douglas Spencer

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Socializing on LinkedIn and Twitter

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“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

-Albert Einstein

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