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The one question all brands should ask themselves, continually.

What’s the common denominator that all strong brands share? That question lead to another question and the title of a new book by Spencer Brenneman, LLC President Douglas Spencer.

Do They Care? The one question all brands should ask themselves, continually. will quickly help founders, senior executives, and branding, marketing, and human resources leaders understand how their brands can earn the care and devotion of those integral to their success.

The book focuses on employees, customers, media, and the community at large as well as how caring can falter during mergers and acquisitions. Do They Care?concludes with some tough questions for readers around how much they themselves care about what they do.

Do They Care? is available exclusively through Amazon.com. For more information about this book or to invite Douglas to speak at your company or event, please visit dotheycare.info.

In Case You Missed It

Here are two blogs posted to spencerbrenneman.com in June that you may have missed.

UI and brand, Efficiency

Providing an informative and efficient user interface (UI) experience is a key component of your organization’s brand. Guest Blogger William Coughlin writes that when it comes to UI and brand, most B2B companies are faced with the challenge of needing to explain an abundance of information, so displaying this in an efficient manner is extremely important. Read More 

Product Naming: A cautionary tale

PRODUCT NAMING: A CAUTIONARY TALE If the thought of naming a product intimidates you, it should! It can be a big challenge. In fact, even long-established, successful brands still make missteps. Take, for example, Playstation Vue. It offers a cautionary tale for anyone who has ever had a product to name. Read More

Brand Strategy News to Watch

Even though we at Spencer Brenneman, LLC will continue working diligently through the summer to save the world from bad brand strategies, we’re taking August off from the newsletter business. So, because we won’t write to you about brand strategies in the news next month, here are some brand topics worth watching.

Blackberry Surprise.
Yep! BlackBerry is still a thing. Who knew? But will the launch of its latest model in July be enough to return it to a semblance of its former glory?

Not Roseanne.

As you probably heard, ABC canned the reboot of  “Roseanne,” after the show’s namesake unleashed racist and Islamophobic tweets. However, they’re bringing it back without the Trump trumpeter as “The Connors.” How will that work out?

Siri Getting Serious?
“Siri, you’re USELESS!” How many times have you heard someone say that? (How many time was it you?) It seems s/he was listening because Apple has announced a significant upgrade to the voice-activated artificial intelligence assistant. How significant will they actually be?

FireTV Cube.
Speaking of voice-activated artificial intelligence, Amazon has recently debuted FireTV Cube. It’s the latest device giving a home to Alexa, their version of Siri. Reviews thus far are mixed. However, it’s likely to continue Amazon’s migration away from simply an online retailer to a true tech giant.

While We’re Away

As mentioned, we’re taking August off from this newsletter, but not to worry! You can still find Spencer Brenneman, LLC and our take on branding on our website as well as our TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook pages.

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