Brand Identity Crisis | Spencer Brenneman, LLC

White Paper: How to talk to your colleagues about your brand's identity crisis


The warning signs are there. Some of them you see, some of them you haven’t yet, and perhaps some you’re trying to pretend do not exist. To you, it’s crystal clear that your brand is going through an identity crisis. The disjointed messages, the knee-jerk reactions to competitor moves, and the revolving door of new hires: they’re all clear signs that your brand strategy is broken. You see it, but no one else does. It’s mind-numbing and disheartening.

Don’t worry. You’re not crazy. You’re not imagining things. You’re not over-reacting. What you are, however, is the sentinel. The lookout. The bloke in the crow’s nest of the ship looking for glaciers and pirates. It’s your job to sound the alarm, rally the troops, and help your colleagues see what they cannot.

Easier said than done, clearly, but you have to open their eyes. If you don’t, no one else will. In this white paper, we will show you exactly how.