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Employer Branding

Employer branding has never been more important. Finding and keeping the best talent is one of the greatest competitive advantages a company can have. But, if a brand strategy focuses on the connection you have with your customers, then what does it have to do with your employer branding efforts? Everything.

Employees as guides

Think of your employees more as tour guides than performers on a stage. They are there to show customers around, not act one way in front of the curtain and another way behind it. When employees live your brand, there are no lines to remember, no props to hide behind, and no perception of make-believe.

Plus, there’s no such thing as “internal use only.” Whether it is words, body language, decision-making processes, or even look and feel, the way your employees interact with you and each other is exactly the way they will interact with your customers.

We can help you with your employer branding strategy through:

  • Mission statements and guiding principles
  • Internal communications
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Hiring practices
  • Compensation strategies
  • Training and education.

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