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The Unexpected Connection Between Branding and Pride.

Many people equate branding with a logo and some colors. But, well before we can create those visual elements of a brand, we have to define who that brand really is. That comes from sometimes asking tough and introspective questions: 

  • Why do you do what you do? 
  • Why does that matter? 
  • What is it about you that is relevant and competitively differentiated from all the other choices customers have? 

In order to enjoy long-term, positive, and profitable relationships with customers and employees, emotional connections are required. Something that is far more expensive and difficult—if not impossible—to do while trying to be someone or something you’re not. 

Therein lies the connection between branding and Pride Month, observed by many during the month of June. Pride Month celebrates members and allies of the LGBT community who have asked the questions that help them live their lives as who they really are, not whom others want them to be.

If your organization struggles with connecting to customers and employees, take inspiration from some of the many communities, like the LGBT community, who have articulated, embraced, and shared their true selves with the world. Your customers, your employees, and your bottom line will thank you. 

In the meantime, Happy Pride.

Numbers to Consider


Racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 35%.


Percent of job seekers said a diverse workplace is an important factor when making a decision on a job offer.


Teams where men and women are equal earn 41% more revenue.

Brand Banter: Diversity & Your Brand

To coincide with Pride Month, Diversity Consultant and former Chief Diversity Officer at Fidelity Investments John Basile joins a Brand Banter to talk about the role diversity plays in building and sustaining a strong brand.

In this talk, he and Spencer Brenneman President & Chief Brand Strategist Douglas Spencer discuss the need for broader participation around diversity issues, how commitment to diversity impacts a brand’s perception, and advice for leveraging and embracing your company’s brand strategy.

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Mission and Message

Reframe Your Mission and Message, NOW!

If you have actively revisited your organization’s mission and message in the last few months, great! If you haven’t, reframing your organization’s focus to address our new world is a must. (Yes, a must.)

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Hey Internal Comms, Marketing Needs You.

The following comes from content hosted on The FIR Podcast Network:

Douglas Spencer knows brand strategy. The former VP Global Brand Management for Thomson Reuters and founder of Boston-based consultancy Spencer Brenneman has spent two decades traversing the globe to work with brands in every sector from financial services to nonprofits.
He has the same advice for all of them: Embrace brand strategy as “your business’ very best friend – part coach, conscience, parent, partner, judge, jury, conductor and station agent.”

The same advice applies to internal communicators. And in this episode of EE Voice, you’ll hear why.

Tune in as we talk with Douglas about the many ways internal comms can support the brand and learn how to:

  • Incorporate branding elements in your internal communications plan.
  • Engage employees (without turning them into salespeople)
  • Enhance your employee brand while staying true to the corporate brand. 
  • Turn branding and internal comms into the ultimate brand partnership. 
Join us as we discuss the brand strategy’s role in business performance – and why the marketing team should be your new best friend. 

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from others.” – 
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Quote of the Month

“We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity”

George Takei

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