Hey Internal Comms, Marketing Needs You.

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Douglas Spencer knows brand strategy. The former VP Global Brand Management for Thomson Reuters and founder of Boston-based consultancy Spencer Brenneman has spent two decades traversing the globe to work with brands in every sector from financial services to nonprofits. 

He has the same advice for all of them: Embrace brand strategy as “your business’ very best friend – part coach, conscience, parent, partner, judge, jury, conductor and station agent.”

The same advice applies to internal communicators. And in this episode of EE Voice, you’ll hear why.

Tune in as we talk with Douglas about the many ways internal comms can support the brand and learn how to:

  • Incorporate branding elements in your internal communications plan.
  • Engage employees (without turning them into salespeople)
  • Enhance your employee brand while staying true to the corporate brand. 
  • Turn branding and internal comms into the ultimate brand partnership.


Join us as we discuss the brand strategy’s role in business performance – and why the marketing team should be your new best friend. 

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