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White Paper: How to Make Data-Driven Design Decisions

SB-B2B-WP-Cover-18-05Recently, Spencer Brenneman, LLC President Douglas Spencer spoke at HOW Design Live. His talk was entitled, From Gift Wrapper to Strategic Partner: How Creatives can elevate the world’s perception of their work.” As part of the presentation, Spencer Brenneman, LLC produced a white paper outlining specific steps to making decisions backed by data.

“Making data-driven design decisions helps the creative process immeasurably (ironically),” Douglas says. “In order for Creatives to elevate the world’s perception of their work, both they and their clients who are making the final decisions have to embrace the role of data. Just as importantly, both have to work at improving their relationships with the other.”

Improvement comes when both executives and Creatives stop to walk in each other shoes. Each is facing pressures the other doesn’t understand and are making false assumptions in the process.

In the presentation, Douglas went on to explain that the current linear process that most projects follow is a holdover from the days of print-centric communications: “It used to be that you had one chance to get work right. Final work lasted for months if not years which is why mistakes or even tweaks were incredibly costly. Now, the majority of our work is digital, which means we can test, tweak, and repeat for far more effective work. A continual process replaces a linear one, and the dynamic between Creative and Executive becomes more collaborative.”

For a copy of the presentation, or to inquire about Douglas speaking at your event, reach out to him directly.