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Need a brand strategy evaluation?

Would you like a free, brand strategy evaluation that includes a customized list of issues and ideas specific to your brand? Answer a few questions, and our brand strategy experts will prepare one just for you. No charge and no pressure!

Surveys not your jam? No, problem. Send us a note and we can run through the questions over the phone.

What a brand strategy evaluation can uncover.

Adopting a brand strategy requires commitment but that doesn’t mean blindly or forever. Continual brand strategy evaluation can uncover the signs that tell you it’s time to tweak, update, or change your brand strategy altogether.

As the world and your customers’ needs change, so too should your brand strategy, as long as you do it thoughtfully, judiciously, and in a way that will not confuse your customers or employees.

When is it time brand strategy evaluation? Sometimes it’s obvious: New technologies are available now that weren’t when you launched. Customer needs, expectations, and your capabilities have all changed drastically.  

Most of the time, however, it is not so clear. So here are a few warning signs that the time may be now.

Sales are from Mars and Service is from Venus. Is there a disconnect between what customers expect and what they get once they are onboard? Are your customer service colleagues incessantly re-calibrating customer expectations once the sales team hands them over?

Innovation degradation. You have a new product. It’s exciting! It’s life-changing. It’s…a flop. Once launched it does nothing to inspire buyers or set you apart from the competition.

Your campaigns are wearing lead shoes. Are the response rates to social media and content marketing slowing to a crawl? Are your outbound marketing efforts working harder and harder but showing weaker and weaker results?

It’s Groundhog’s Day, every day. Does your creative process seem to take longer and longer, does each iteration seems to move further away from the end goal? Can the team even articulate the end goal?

Too many going away parties. Are you finding it harder and harder to attract and retain the best talent? Perhaps your employees aren’t “feeling it” any longer and are defecting to other brands who will engage them with more than a paycheck.

The right brand strategy plays an integral part in each of these areas, and if any of them are askew, it’s probably time for a brand strategy evaluation.