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GM Brand

The Future of the GM Brand

Dear Mary, We haven’t met, but I hope you’re well and that hot seat you’re in right now isn’t too uncomfortable. You’re a smart woman,

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data privacy

Brand Minute: Data Privacy

When it comes to data privacy, we have to find a balance. We can. We must.

On October 24th, Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped a pretty big bomb when he lambasted fellow tech giants, without naming names, for creating an emerging ‘‘data industrial complex’’ that allows companies to ‘‘know you better than you may know yourself.’’

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brand equity

Brand Equity and Your CEO

In her article for The Huffington Post, Penny Herscher reflects on the role of CEOs in brand equity. She states, “…in this age of social

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SB Ryan Kelley Card 18-08

Brand Minute: Welcome Ryan Kelley!

Welcome, Ryan Kelley to Spencer Brenneman LLC. Ryan is joining us as Account Coordinator. Ryan works with clients on brand strategy, marketing, positioning, copywriting, and content development and is responsible for ensuring that each Spencer Brenneman project runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Brand Minute: Look Who Cares

Who’s created a brand you care about? We want to know which people or companies have done the best job. tweetshare tweet= #LookWhoCares, to win a copy of ‘Do They Care?’. Visit for more information about the book.

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