Douglas Spencer, Speaker

Engage your audience. Share a moment. Make an impact.

Most organizations suffer from some sort of identity crisis these days—whether that’s multiple, sometimes contradictory messages or a flat-out inability to tell a clear, compelling story. Whatever the crisis and however severe, it’s holding individuals and organizations back.

Drawing from more than 25 years of experience helping organizations grow and thrive, Spencer Brenneman, LLC founder Douglas Spencer gives audiences a fresh perspective on messaging, employee engagement, and the power of branding.


Drawing from more than 20 years of experience helping businesses grow and thrive, Spencer Brenneman Founder Douglas Spencer delivers fresh perspectives on marketing and the power of branding. He can help you with:

  • Keynote addresses
  • Panel participation 
  • Panel moderation 
  • Master of Ceremonies

By actively listening to and measuring audience responses, Douglas has a special talent for finding the right balance of tailored content and engaging humor to keep the focus on your message, and not their Instagram feeds. Pass the mic. He’s happy to take it.


Douglas has spoken to groups as small as 12 and large as 4,000, all of which received the same attention to detail and enthusiasm. Here are just a few examples:

  • World Brand Congress, Bangalore, India
  • AMPlify, Boston, MA
  • The Marketing Forum, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Internal Comms Pro, Boston, MA
  • Private Client Event, Atlanta, GA
  • Fenway Health Galas, Boston, MA
  • Plus, hundreds of events around the world when part of Thomson Reuters 


Sample Talks

Douglas carefully crafts each of his talks to address each audience’s specific needs.

Who Do You Think You Are?

From prospects to employees, companies are asked that question every single day. Only those with tight messages and strong brands will have the answers.

Senior managers, marketers, human resources professionals, and anyone responsible for guiding business growth.

Want to Change the World? Change your Message.

Most nonprofits and mission-driven organizations are missing two key components in their messaging strategies. And that’s holding them back.


Executive directors, senior managers, and development professionals for nonprofits, associations, and mission-driven organizations.

Branding in the Age of AI

Change is coming at us fast! And not just because of technology. What your customers and employees value, expect, and want is changing too. Brands have to be ready.

Senior managers, marketers, human resources
professionals, and anyone responsible for guiding
business growth.

Differentiating Your Brand for the Future

Thanks to ever-expanding competitive options and a new generation of decision-makers, continually differentiating yourself from others not only become harder, the rules also become vastly different.


Business owners, sales professionals, and marketers.

Employer Brand: Is It the Same Inside and Out?

What a brand projects to prospects and customers has to be identical to what it projects to employees, both current and future. So why is it so hard?

Human resource and internal communications
professionals, as well as senior managers.