Brand Minute: MOO

A quick thought about MOO’s packaging. What are your thoughts on their packaging; is it too much or do you think its really cool? Let me know by commenting below!


Full transcription below.


[00:00:00] Hi, I’m Douglas Spencer and welcome to a Brand Out Minute.


[00:00:05] Today, we’re gonna talk about packaging and we’re going to talk about the customer journey. So first, I want to show you a package I recently received.


[00:00:16] Here it is, a package from Moo, which you can see, a nice label there. I have opened it up before, that’s why the label looks wonky and torn, it didn’t come that way. Embossed, yay!


[00:00:28] Let’s see what’s on the inside. Open it up, and first of all we have a greeting here, which you probably can’t read but it says ‘Well aren’t you just a ray of human sunshine.’ You’re a human, right? Okay.


[00:00:43] So then, let’s see what’s inside. An even nicer box with, a faux wax seal. Very, very heavy, very nice stock. Let’s see what’s inside, open it up. Got a medal, magnetic rather, a magnetic seal. I love those.


[00:01:08] Open it up, and ta-da, you have business cards! Look at that, all that for business cards.


[00:01:19] So, what do you think? Do you think this is a lot of packaging? A lot of silliness? Do you think this is just a lot, period, for a business card? Or do you think it’s really cool?


[00:01:33] Do you think it is really cool how they really spent time thinking about this? And does it improve what you think about the Moo Brand? I would love to know. Let me know what you can do, do so through Twitter, @DouglasWSpencer, and you can also visit our website,, or email me at

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