Brand Minute: The Keurig Brand

Douglas takes a minute to explain why everyone should have a solid understanding of your brand, using the Keurig brand as an example.
Full transcription below.

[00:00:01] Hi, Douglas Spencer with Spencer Brenneman and a Brand Out Minute!


[00:00:05] So, I have long, long advocated for everyone in an organization having a solid understanding of a brand and its principles. And I have a perfect example of why.


[00:00:19] I like coffee, like a lot of people, and I have a Keurig machine, and the good folks at Keurig gave me this 20% off coupon. And, I’m gonna show it to you a little bit more closer. To get the 20%, I have to fill in that code.

Everyone in an organization needs to understand your company's brand strategy, not just marketing.

[00:00:39] It’s not gonna happen. Now, the Keurig brand, it is based, the brand promise is, I’m reading here, ‘Simplicity, quality, possibility, and personalization.’


[00:00:52] Do any of those things ring true in this mailer? Nope. So, this would be off brand.


[00:01:01] Now, everyone in the organization needs to understand that, and so if the people who did the product codes or run the system that manages that, really understood the brand, they probably wouldn’t put a long string like that.


[00:01:13] So, that’s just an example of one of my many tenets about brand strategy. Everyone in an organization needs to understand it, not just marketing.


[00:01:24] That’s it for me and this Brand Minute. Hope you’re having a fantastic day. Thanks!

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