Brand Migrations

Point A, Meet Point B

When two companies merge, there’s more to it than simply introducing the acquired company to the acquiring one. It is a journey.


Take the time to plan your message to customers and employees. Otherwise competitors or the rumor mill will do it for you.

  • We will find out where customers and employees are in their journey to loving the acquired brand.
  • Then, we will craft your message to minimize any customer or employee defections!


Brand migrations can get exhausting and costly, but if they're done too quickly there's a lot at risk.

  • There’s a lot to do. So, we will help you figure out which changes will have the greatest impact with the least effort.
  • We will pilot a course that moves them from loving an old brand to loving your new one.
  • Bonus: download our free Sample Migration Roadmap!


Instead of reinventing the wheel each time, a standing migration framework and well-thought-out naming architecture can move things along quickly each time there is a new acquisition.

  • Planning a number of acquisitions? We can help you create a decision tree that makes the brand migration process far less painful.
  • We craft a naming strategy for you that grows with your organization. Not only will your customers and prospects better understand what you offer, you will bring new products into the fold faster, with less guesswork.