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Brand Education

When it comes to branding, consistency rules. In fact, a strong brand cannot exist without it. Consistency is what builds the trust, recognition, and long-lasting engagement for which all brands strive.

Why your brand is important

One way to drive consistency is ensuring that everyone at your organization—not just the marketing people—understands your brand strategy and how it impacts their jobs. When your colleagues know why they’re doing something, when they see how it contributes to the company’s greater good, their work is likely to be much more enthusiastic and effective. This axiom is particularly true for client-facing staff. How can you engage customers if employees are not engaged as well?

A brand education program can get this job done and can be as simple or structured as you like, but it has to exist. Oh, and an added benefit? When they understand your brand, they are much more likely to fall in love with it.

Not the Brand Police

Brand education is not meant to create the brand police. That never works. Instead of focusing on right and wrong, the most effective brand education focuses on the why and how. Knowing why:

  • A strong brand is good for business
  • Consistency across a brand is crucial to a strong brand
  • Everyone is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the brand.

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