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White Paper: The B2B Brand Strategy

SB-B2B-WP-Cover-18-08In 2017, Spencer Brenneman, LLC published a white paper on the recent focus B2B businesses were giving to brand strategy. Using many of the principles and fundamentals that have gone into Spencer Brenneman’s philosophies from our inception, we examined how these B2B companies, by incorporating traditional B2C brand strategies, can grow both their business and revenue.  

In hyper-competitive, bottom line driven environments, B2B companies have long been tempted to direct spending to other activities with a more immediate impact on revenue. However, Spencer Brenneman surveyed 150 B2B marketing executives who consider themselves ultimately responsible for, or an expert on, their organization’s brand strategy. Most B2B companies are not taking a short-sighted approach to their brands. It turns out they are investing in them, heavily. Spencer Brenneman found these companies to be almost universally committed to investing resources and energy to their corporate brands by:

• Spending significant portions of their budget on brand-related activities
• Conducting frequent brand research and strategy updates
• Communicating brand identity and terminology throughout the organization
• Measuring their brand’s direct impact on tangible key performance indicators (KPIs)
• Using brand strategy to drive decision-making straight through to individual products
and services


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