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Your product: Know what, to whom, and when you’re selling it.

Welcome to Spring! And welcome to the April issue of our monthly newsletter. This month we are asking three not so simple questions: What are you selling? To whom are you selling it? And, when? Check out these lessons from Toys R Us and JenAir as well as some new thinking from the Harvard Business Review.

WHAT: Toys Weren’t Them Before shopping with your fingertips and not your feet took over, Toy R Us had a perfectly rational business and brand strategy. Their years of success were a testament to that. However, as the world began to change, they did not. Toys R Us had no business selling toys.

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TO WHOM: JenAir Rebrand In our opinion, JenAir’s recently announced rebrand is good work. It’s very good. Bold, emotional, and, most importantly, entirely unlike any other brand marketing in its class. But does it push the envelope too far? After all, it features people who look like they don’t eat much less cook.

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AND WHEN: Relevance Required A March 21, 2018, Harvard Business Review paper by John Zealley, Robert Wollan, and Joshua Bellin explains how marketing has moved away from the mass-market era to “the era of relevance.” It’s a great read and spot on. Relevance has always been one of the key ingredients to crafting a successful brand strategy. Now, it’s even more important. In addition to creating a connection that matters, companies now have to connect with customers when it matters. Travel offers just before a vacation. Restaurant promotions in a specific neighborhood. Consulting services before a massive change. From predictive analytics to geo-targeting, we have the tools to know when customers need us. What’s important to understand, however, is that marketers are quickly setting up that expectation in consumers’ minds. So, we all have to be ready to fulfill those expectations.



Is your brand strategy ready for changes?

As the world and your customers’ needs change, so too should your brand strategy, as long as you do it thoughtfully, judiciously, and in a way that will not confuse your customers or employees. Continual brand strategy evaluation can uncover the signs that tell you it’s time to tweak, update, or change your brand strategy altogether.

Would you like a free, brand strategy evaluation that includes a customized list of issues and ideas specific to your brand? Answer a few, fun questions, and our brand strategy experts will prepare one just for you. No charge and no pressure!


Notice anything different about us?

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 9.46.42 PMIt’s never polite to ask if someone’s had work done, so we will spare you the embarrassment and suspense. We have! We have a new website! It’s on a much more robust platform, sports an added expression to our visual identity and, most importantly, our new messaging platform: Start with Brand℠!

Granted, if you have been paying attention, you will have seen the Start with Brand℠ references before. However, now, it is embedded into all our messaging.

Start with Brand℠ speaks to our deeply held conviction that the right brand strategy, correctly executed, will drive growth and improvement across entire organizations. Here’s the Start with Brand℠ manifesto:
Your brand strategy is your business’ very best friend. It’s part coach, part conscience. Part parent, part partner. Judge and jury. Conductor and station agent. Most of all your brand strategy keeps you focused on who you are, what you do, and how you do it differently than anyone else.

Please visit the new site and let us know your thoughts!

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