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The first quarter of 2019 is history. How are your projects tracking?

Five Ways to Get Branding Projects Back on Track

My, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were making those New Year’s resolutions and plotting out all those audaciously ambitious goals for 2019. Well my friends, Q1 is history and if you’re like most people (including yours truly), you have probably been distracted by less important but more urgent matters. That means your plans are sitting at home alone like a lonely puppy waiting for his family to return at the end of the day. 

It’s now or never really, to ask ourselves if those branding projects really are a priority or just a nice to have? If the latter, take a deep breath and relax. Focus on the day-to-day and move on. However, if it’s the former, it’s time to make some tough decisions about your lagging branding projects, because the first days of June, October, and January will be here momentarily. Here are some approaches to consider: 

  1. Quantify the costs. Thinking both long- and short-term, what are the costs of not moving forward with your big branding projects? What are the costs of ignoring the distractions that continually derail your best intentions? 
  2. Enlist help! If you’re struggling with smaller, more urgent issues, recruit others to help you. If everyone is swamped and there is no budget for extra hands, refer back to point one and see if the numbers agree. If the project is important, the project is important. 
  3. Reimagine the process. We approach all our branding projects with an expectation of how we will tackle them. Refocus on the final outcome and then reimagine other, less time demanding approaches. From freelancers to partnerships, there just might be another way. In fact, there’s always another way. 
  4. Reimagine the outcome. Are there any opportunities to start small and scale up as resources, momentum, and interest increase? Simple, after all,  is usually better. 
  5. Put in earplugs. If those squeaky wheels that are distracting you from your big project really do not have a long-term, negative impact on your bottom line or overall well-being, take a deep breath and ignore them. For the Type A’s amongst us who have trouble with loose ends, know you’re not alone but sometimes a little mess is needed when building something big.

If we can help you with your lonely puppy (I bet we can), please let us know.We’re great with pets and give out good treats. 

Numbers to Consider


Most organizations have a 70 percent project failure rate.


Only 64 percent of planned projects meet their desired outcomes.


Percent of projects in an organization go over budget.

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Quote of the Month

“Let our advance worrying become advance planning and thinking.”
Winston Churchill

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