July 2018 | Spencer Brenneman, LLC

July 2018

Welcome Back, Blackberry! I remember my first BlackBerry, it was my first big promotion. I was one of the new marketing leadership team members formed by the new CMO. At our first team meeting, he informed us all we would be getting Blackberrys--the phones, not the beepers (yes, this was a long time ago.) “Why?” I asked? So young, so naive. Thus began my 10-year arranged marriage to a device that tried so hard to do so much but only did a few things well. To its credit, what it did well, it did really well. In a word, it did texting well. No, not what we think of as texting today, but what email was back then. Short, simple,

NOW AVAILABLE: Do They Care? The one question all brands should ask themselves, continually. What's the common denominator that all strong brands share? That question lead to another question and the title of a new book by Spencer Brenneman, LLC President Douglas Spencer. Do They Care? The one question all brands should ask themselves, continually. will quickly help founders, senior executives, and branding, marketing, and human resources leaders understand how their brands can earn the care and devotion of those integral to their success. The book focuses on employees, customers, media, and the community at large as well as how caring can falter during mergers and acquisitions. Do They Care?concludes with some tough questions for readers around how much they themselves care about what they do. Do They