July 2017 | Spencer Brenneman, LLC

July 2017

CMO branding! Like everything, the role of the modern Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) keeps changing. From a greater responsibility for impacting sales to higher expectations around ROI, CMOs have a lot going on -- particularly those at small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) who usually have to do more with less (that hasn’t changed). The good news is that SMB CMOs can leverage the brand strategy to meet those challenges, even when capital and human resources may be limited. How? Use the brand strategy to give the entire company what they need to contribute to meeting the marketing agenda. Engagement. When employees rally around a brand, everything improves for the better: the work ethic (people work harder), customer service (renewals get easier), territorial

Douglas takes a minute to explain why everyone should have a solid understanding of your brand, using the Keurig brand as an example. Full transcription below. [00:00:01] Hi, Douglas Spencer with Spencer Brenneman and a Brand Out Minute!   [00:00:05] So, I have long, long advocated for everyone in an organization having a solid understanding of a brand and its principles. And I have a perfect example of why.   [00:00:19] I like coffee, like a lot of people, and I have a Keurig machine, and the good folks at Keurig gave me this 20% off coupon. And, I'm gonna show it to you a little bit more closer. To get the 20%, I have to fill in that code. [tweetshare tweet="Everyone in an organization needs to