May 2017 | Spencer Brenneman, LLC

May 2017

Recently, while watching the news (or more likely, my dirty little secret, Buzzr) I was reminded why marketers sometimes get a bad reputation. Ads for nearly every major car dealership were parading through my television touting their Memorial Day sale. Getting a great deal on a new car is hardly the main reason anyone would give their lives in battle for their country. Come on people. We can do better. Then there are the ads for Dads and Grads. They’re not as opportunistic as the Memorial Day nonsense, but they can get a little ridiculous. A couple of weeks ago we spoke about how Mother’s Day can help you move product as well as build a brand, but we didn’t talk about how

Brand is the emotional connection a company has with its customers, making the emotionally-charged Mother’s Day holiday like a plant food that can either create a bed of roses or a garden of Venus flytraps. It all has to do with balance. Do you want your message to move merchandise, building your business in the short-term, or do you want to strengthen the connection with your customers, building your business in the long term? This question is important for everyone to ask whether it’s Mother’s day or just another Monday in May. Both are possible. Don’t get me wrong, sales are crucial! There’s no sense in building a strong brand if you go bankrupt in the process. Like everything, however, it’s all