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It's not fair to judge a change in a brand if you don't understand the brand strategy and the data behind the change. However, Douglas has some judgments on the BMW decision to expand the Rolls Royce brand.

It's never polite to ask if someone's had work done, so Douglas will spare you the embarrassment and suspense. We have! We have a new website! It's on a much more robust platform, sports an added expression to our visual identity and, most importantly, our new messaging platform: Start with Brand™! Granted, if you have been paying attention, you will have seen the Start with Brand™ references before. However, now, it is embedded into all our messaging. Start with Brand™ speaks to our deeply held conviction that the right brand strategy, correctly executed, will drive growth and improvement across entire organizations. Here's the Start with Brand™ manifesto: Your brand strategy is your business’ very best friend. It’s part coach, part conscience. Part parent,